These are ONLY examples, the current week’s menu is on our home Page.

Sweet Corn & Bacon Chowder (Gluten Free) European smoked bacon, sweet corn, mirepoix, garlic, red pepper, cream, chicken stock, potatoes, baby spinach, scallion, spices, herbs, cornstarch

Creamy Parmesan, Basil Pesto & Gnocchi (Vegetarian) Real potato gnocchi, swimming in a creamy soup made with real cream, mushrooms, mirepoix & other aromatic vegetables, spinach, vegetable stock, Parmesan & Romano cheeses. Finished with real basil pesto

Creamy Truffled Chicken Stew Slowly cooked chicken, in a rich creamy broth, scented with black truffle, aromatic vegetables, mushrooms, corn, green peas, potatoes, spices & seasonings

Cuban Black Bean (Gluten Free / Vegan) Slow cooked black beans with sweet onion, bell pepper, carrot & celery, Latin spices, herbs, orange & tomato essence

Curried Parsnip, Apple & Yam (Vegan / Gluten Free / Dairy Free) A delicious pureed soup, made with parsnips, sweet yams, aromatic vegetables & spices, plus green apple to finish off

East Coast Lobster Chowder (Gluten Free) Our rich and decadent East Coast Lobster Chowder, made with a bounty of real lobster meat, sweet corn, Yukon gold potatoes & peppers. Along with other aromatic vegetables, fresh herbs, select spices & seasonings, finished with real cream.  This soup is an absolute treat for any lobster lovers out there

French Canadian Pea (Gluten Free) A wintertime favourite in Quebec, yellow split peas, smoked pork bone broth, tender ham, sweet onion, celery & carrots, herbs & spices

German Potato & Mushroom (Vegan / Gluten Free / Dairy Free) Inspired by Wildepeople's Natur artisanal spice blend, this deeply rich creation is made with slow simmered russet potatoes, leeks, mirepoix & aromatics.  All brought together with the intensity of Wildepeople's Natur spice blend, making this a soup that will certainly bring you back, again & again

Heathers Signature Smoked Tomato Bisque (Gluten Free / Vegetarian) Ripe tomatoes slightly kissed, with a touch of hickory smoke. Then we add cream, more tomatoes, garlic, herbs & balsamic vinegar.  Pureed smooth, and seasoned just right.  Perfect to go with your favorite grilled cheese sandwich!

Mexican Corn & Chicken (Gluten Free / Dairy Free) Tender pieces of roasted chicken, simmered in a light broth with tomatoes, corn, black beans, aromatic vegetables, cilantro, fresh lime juice & spices

Moroccan Lamb Harira (Gluten Free / Dairy Free) Morocco's National soup, made with simmered and seasoned real lamb, chickpeas, lentils, diced tomatoes, onions, carrots, celery, spices, herbs, lemon juice & ginger

Mulligatawny (Gluten Free) The soup inspired by the comedy you might remember….. NO SOUP FOR YOU!  Tender pieces of chicken in a light curried coconut cream, with mixed vegetables, apples, secret seasonings & aromatics. 

Potato & Double Smoked Bacon (Gluten Free / Dairy Free) Real European style double smoked bacon, potatoes, onions, garlic, aromatics, herbs, scallions & Himalayan salt.

Red Lentil Sweetie (Vegan / Gluten Free / Dairy Free) Tender sweet potatoes & red lentils, slowly simmered in a rich vegetable broth, with aromatic vegetables, garlic, herbs, spices & seasonings

Roasted Chicken & Orzo (Dairy Free) It's a kicked-up chicken noodle, loaded with tender chicken, vegetables & a flavour explosion

Roasted Red Pepper, Potato & Corn (Vegan / Gluten Free / Dairy Free) Sweet roasted red peppers, slowly cooked with potatoes, ripe tomatoes & aromatics. Pureed into a smooth, velvety soup.  Then we add sweet corn, herbs & other finishing flavours to really hit this one out of the park

Smoked Ham, Potato & Green Pea (Gluten Free / Dairy Free) Slowly smoked artisanal ham, simmered in chicken stock, with potatoes, sweet green peas, aromatic vegetables, herbs & spices

Smokey Peruvian Squash & Quinoa (Vegan / Gluten Free / Dairy Free) This is a tomato-based soup, with butternut squash, quinoa, onion, garlic, aromatic vegetables, herbs, spices, seasonings, cornstarch

Tuscan Ribolita (Vegan) A delicious classic Italian soup with a rich fennel kick. Made with slowly cooked tomatoes, white beans, garden vegetables, green kale, herbs, spices and then this soup is finished with chunks of toasted Olive oil scented bread for thickening

Tuscan White Bean, Sausage & Truffle (Dairy Free) House-made fennel pork sausage, white beans, mirepoix, garlic, truffle sauce, kale, chicken stock, scallion, herbs, spices, cornstarch

Vegetable Chili (Gluten Free / Vegan) Overflowing with aromatic slow cooked vegetables, tomatoes, red kidney beans, black beans, vegetable protein, spices, herbs and seasonings.

Woodlands Mushroom Cream (Gluten Free / Vegetarian) Janina Soup Company’s Signature Soup Made with no less than 7 different wildly foraged and cultivated mushrooms, aromatics & real cream